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A bit of Easter crafty hopping fun!

Make a funky and fun Bunny Mask this Easter with your tribe.

We are kicking off our Easter break with a bit of good ol’ fashioned crafting. We thought a fun project to start with would be bunny masks. You can’t get much cuter than that!

You don’t need many resources – we used for the bunny head some firm box card. A large rectangle for the face, and two skinny rectangles for the ears. we used paints/ some pink paper for embellishments + buttons for eyes, and I cut off a handle off a brown paper bag for the whiskers ( a bit like raffia). PVA glue is also great – as it glues everything together really well.

Lets get crafting!

We cut off the corners of all the card rectangles to make more rounded. PVA glue the ears onto the head, and then paint white. We then used a bit of grey paint (light pink or a soft yellow would also be cute) and a little card stamper to stamp fur all over the face and ears. Allow to dry.

We then worked at cutting shapes to stick in the ears, and a nose – we used pink paper – but this could be whatever colour you want – or even newspaper would look cool too.

Glue onto your bunny. We then added in eyes with a couple of buttons, and whiskers using a piece of raffia I cut off a brown paper bag. These could be pipe cleaners or cut strips of card. Use PVA glue to stick on.

We also used some pen to draw in a mouth, and some furry lines on the ears too.

We used a paintbrush for the stick to attach on the back with some tape – you could use a stick from your garden – the straighter the better – and just PVA glue on, and leave overnight to dry.

Brilliant bunny masks! So darn cute – your kids will love making them, and love playing with them too.

Easter crafty fun!

Let us know your thoughts – would love to see your bunny mask ideas too!

Tracy x

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