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A few Easter-y projects! Just for fun!

Can’t get enough of Easter craft?? Here are a few ideas to keep you going over the next couple of days.

Using up that lovely shiny Easter egg foil…..

I hate throwing away all that lovely shiny egg wrapper foil – I like to keep all the good bits for future use. We have used in a couple of projects – we made eggs from box card and painted them up with bright acrylics, and then created ribbons using the shiny foil – we cut carefully, folded, and broke into little bits to make little tiny decorative balls too. We arranged onto our eggs, and PVA glued on. 

The kids really enjoyed making these large scale eggs – and working with the foil was lovely – because it is a little fragile, it makes you slow down and take a bit more care with your work.

Another idea¬† (that isn’t Easter related) is using the lovely foil to create some mini artworks – you can do these really however you want – we worked onto small box card squares, and made a couple of simple abstract pieces, and also a couple that are more representational – a plant in a pot and a bug. This was such a relaxing project – working small, with delicate foil, was great. Give it a go……

Having printing fun with a bunny stencil……….

Make a simple stencil of a bunny- fold a piece of paper in half, draw your simple bunny shape – cut it out, and go wild with a sponge and some paint. We used the same stencil on a few different surfaces – onto brown bags, onto fabric glued onto a piece of box card (make sure you do that before printing – will make it easier to print), and onto a little calico banner. You can embellish with any little extras you want – button eyes/ a pom pom tail/ fur marks. 

A few ideas to hopefully get you inspired this Easter.

Keep creative folks!

Tracy x

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