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A little creative reminder…….

Eventhough I live and breathe art every day, I often forget the fundamental value and importance of creativity. I get so caught up in the day to day of running a business, and keeping all of those balls in the air, that I do need to remind myself of just how important it is for kids to be making and creating.

With kids sadly today being permanently attached to their pesky devices, we, as parents /teachers/ role models need to encourage a creative path for our students and children. Guide them positively away from technology and back to the basics of making and creating.

Here are a few reasons why………..


  • relieves stress and anxiety
  • encourages creative thinking
  • increases brain plasticity
  • boosts self esteem and confidence
  • enhances problem solving skills
  • encourages whole brain thinking – gets both sides of our brains communicating with each other
  • boosts focus, concentration
  • allows for mindfullness
  • improves fine-motor skills
  • decision making skills are developed
  • observational skills improve
  • language development
  • looking at art makes us feel good too!!

That is a BIG list!!!! and a massive reminder to keep on creating!

Art and creativity comes in many many forms – it doesn’t have to be drawing or painting – it can come to us through cooking, reading, gardening, going for a walk, sewing, visiting a gallery or a museum, taking photos, collecting leaves, watching a film………

Lets all try and get a little more creativity back into our lives, our homes, schools, families and communities.

In the words of Picasso ‘Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life

Let me know what you think…..is art important for you?

Tracy x

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