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Aussie Birds – super simple arty idea for home!

I bet you are already looking for things to do with your kids? Look no further – we will keep you posted with some super CHEAP and EASY ideas that you can do with your kids – young and old – over the coming weeks.

I REALLY love this idea – creating some super fun and creative arty Aussie Birds. You don’t need many resources, and you can extend kids learning with some research into Australian birds – where do they live? What do they eat? How many different species of Aussie birds are there? Why do some look different to others? 

I have made a cockatoo, galah and magpie – but you could do many others – a Rosella or Kookaburra would also look fabulous.

You need – box card (any type of card really – box/ shoe box/ cereal box/ old manilla folder)



paint (if you have it)

sponge or paint brush

button (for the eyes)

you could also use markers, or collage with small coloured paper if you have no paint.

The steps are simple – cut card into a rectangle to the size/s you want. cut off the top corners, with a curved cut, to create an arched shape for the head of the bird.  Use the scraps for the beaks/ crest. Cut/trim to the shapes you need (think about what shape your birds beak is)- arrange and glue on well.

Sponge a bit of white paint all over. Then look at the different colours of your bird in a few photos – and sponge some extra colours in those areas. Use our images as a guide.

Finish with gluing a button on for the eyes. 

To make it a little more textured, use a bit of your left over box card to create a small stamper, and dip into the paint and stamp feathers over your bird. A great way to talk about feathers, and texture, and repetition.

You can make these BIG (turn it into a mask?) or SMALL (turn it into a brooch?) – either way will be fun, and look awesome.

Happy creating (and happy learning too)


Tracy x

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