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Back to nature – playing and creating with nature.

Now that we have come out of the haze of Easter – all those chocolate Easter eggs, eating, drinking, excess excess excess – it is nice to just stop, take a deep breath, and have fun with nature. 

Go on a nature walk with your mini-maker – around the back yard, down to the local park, around the block – get a little exercise, a bit of sunshine and fresh air too! See what things you can find and collect along the way – leaves/ gum nuts/ twigs/ branches/ feathers/ stones/ flowers.

There are a few creative things you can do with these lovely little objects – you could make a mobile – hang them all from string or wool off a stick or coat hanger. Create a collage – use a bit of PVA glue drizzled over a piece of card, and stick down into a random design, or create a picture.

It is fun to just see how many different ways you can arrange your objects into different formations – make a pattern, make a mandala, make a face!.

There is something very relaxing and meditative about touching, feeling, arranging nature objects.

How about using your shapes to make little 3D creatures?? You will need some PVA glue, and a hot glue gun to do this successfully. If the kids can decide on the arrangement, you will need to be in charge of gluing.

No real rules here (other than being careful with your hot glue!) – just have some fun………check out our little bunny and the dragonfly….

Hope this helps to get the kids exploring and asking questions about trees, plants, animals, flowers, and the seasons. A great way to also talk about shape, texture, pattern!

Happy exploring!!

Let us know your thoughts – and would love to see your little nature critters!! Tag us on the socials so we can see your lovely nature designs.

Tracy xx

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