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Beaut Bunny Baskets

Bunny baskets

We love a bit of Easter craftiness here at RAW art.

This week I have a SUPER cute Easter idea that requires little more than an egg carton! I often see kids really enjoying making a small basket to store their hoard of Easter eggs, either in the classroom or at home. And I totally understand –  those little shiny Easter eggs are so darn nice to look at.

This idea is SO simple, and uses recyclables which is always a bonus. 

Start by having the kids each bring in an egg carton. You will need scissors, some paint, and a few sharpie pens for this project. Feel free to bedazzle and jazz up with extra Easter-y embellishment too!

Get an egg carton, and cut it along the fold. Cut four of the egg cavities off from the dozen. Cut a slit into the centre point of the carton, as seen in the pictures, this will be where your 2D bunny slides into to stand up later. Draw a simple bunny head and body on your carton lid as big as possible. Cut it out.  

Sponge a thin layer of white paint all over your bunny and base carton. Think fluffy texture!

Once these are dry, use a black pen or pencil to draw on a nose, eyes, arms, and any other cute details your bunny might need. Slot the bunny body into the cut carton, and you have a standing bunny, with a built in egg basket!

I love the simplicity, and the scope of this project. Keep it simple – like we have done – or go highly decorative with extra colour, collage, bows! Maybe paint each egg holder a different colour – or give your bunny a big fluffy pom pom tail and a mini top hat!

Not long until the Easter holidays now – so you had better hop to it! Get crafty and crafting!

We have a few other Easter projects up our sleeve too – our cool bunny mask project, and having fun with the shiny egg wrappers

We would love to see some of your Easter projects – be sure to share with us! And please let us know what you think of our Beaut Bunny Basket in the comments below.

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