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Boredom Buster – Beautiful Beads

Beautiful Beads

Are you already completely bored with the school holidays? Well this activity is bound to absorb at least a half day, and leave you with a fun wearable art piece that could even work as a gift. 

You will need to get a pack of those cardboard drinking straws, they are pretty much everywhere, I found mine at the Dollars and Sense shop for a few dollars. You will also need some paints, brushes, scissors, and whatever other decorations you think will look amazing. 

Start by painting the straws whatever colours you like. I found it easy to hold one end and just paint down to my fingertips. I am sure the kids will find this a fun challenge, but don’t worry if they are not perfect, the messy ones are charming. 

Leave those to dry for an hour or so, while you wait, prep your next set of coloured paint, some smaller brushes, or your PVA and glitter.

I did some basic lines and dots onto the beads with a brush, then some finer details with posca pens. Finally, I added some glue daubs and dusted them with glitter for a little extra wow. Kids will get totally into the finer details here, and their little fingers are much better and holding the little beads while they work.

These beads could be used on a fab wall-hanging, as a necklace, or bracelet. 

I so love this idea – its fun, simple, colourful – and would make the perfect Chrissie gift for that person who has everything!

Happy making!

Tracy x

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