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Bunkering down with the kids!

What a crazy strange time it is at the moment with the Coronavirus forcing us to work from home, take the kids out of school and kindy, stop going out, stocking up on toiletpaper. This experience is certainly bringing out both the good and bad in people and humanity. 

For us as a business it has had a massive impact – we have had hundreds of workshops cancelled, have had to stop all classes at our studio, and have to sadly tell our staff that there will be no work for the next while. The ripple effect is HUGE!! 

Consequently we have had to think outside of the box – if we can’t have kids coming to our workshops, how can we bring the workshop to the kids?? Being such a hands-on creative business, where it is all about that human contact between teacher and students, it is a bit heart-breaking not being able to teach in the usual way.

Our solution has been to put together our workshops in kit form – so that mums, dads, grandparents, carers can access creative kid friendly projects for home. With the current unease and sense of uncertainty in the air, it is SO important for us to make our kids feel safe, calm, and engaged. Art and creativity are the perfect remedy. Lets not automatically resort to technology and devices as a way to deal with it all. Lets get creative with the way our children ( and us too as adults) can spend this time at home –  simple things like gardening, cooking, reading, sewing, playing. And of course art and craft – why not pull out that old sewing machine, do a bit of collage, draw, paint, tie-dye……….time to get creative!

Check out our workshop kits – we have a fantastic range on offer – all designed by us here at the studio – tested on multiple kids over the past few years – so we know they are winner projects! These kits are the perfect way for our mini-makers to improve problem solving skills, develop fine motor skills, and will keep those growing minds agile.

Lets use this time to get to know our family, and our kids. Crafting together is a fantastic way to connect and engage with our children.

Heres to thinking outside the box!

Tracy xx

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