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Easy Christmas Baubles

Easy Christmas Baubles

This is a quick little Christmas activity for the kids that gets them constructing sculpture, and practicing their cutting skills. Plus, these baubles are going to make a decoration you will keep for years or maybe gift to friends and family. Start with some coloured card, I used card scraps I had lying around, but you could upcycle some old paintings/drawings, use cardboard from the recycling bin, or maybe some old Christmas cards or wrapping paper.

Get your kids to trace around some drinking cups with a pencil, you will need at least 6 circles for each bauble. The kids can practice their scissor skills cutting the circles out as neatly as they can. Now fold each circle in half with a nice hard/sharp crease. Get some string or twine cut for each bauble, you will need about 50cm per piece. Glue the bauble together one piece at a time, lining up the creases and making a sort-of ‘book’. Make sure you are using plenty of glue, and the kids are giving them a tight press after each piece is added.

When you are ready to glue the piece into a full circle, add the string down the middle, then close the piece up by joining the first and last semicircle together. Leave the pieces to dry for about 15 minutes before forming a knot at the bottom of the string so it won’t fall through, and a loop at the top of the string so you can hang it from your tree. I jazzed mine up by adding some glue to the edges and dipping it in glitter – because it’s Christmas!

I love in this project how cool it is seeing what was once a flat piece of card, turn into a 3D form – and a festive one at that!

I also love the potential of decorating these even more with either some added collage, drawing, painting, or threading onto the string buttons or beads.

Until next time!

Tracy x

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