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Funny Finger Puppets

Finger Puppet Fun

Do you need a simple rainy-day idea using things you can find around the house? 

Well this one is fun, and will certainly keep the kids entertained for hours. I am going to show you how to make some incredibly easy finger puppets which are fun to create and play with.

I collected together some toilet rolls, get at least three together so you can make a cast of characters. You will also need some sticky tape, and some pens and colouring medium of your choice.

Cut into the toilet roll rim a centimetre or two, then (and this is the tricky part kids might need some help with) cut sideways in both directions but not all the way around, so you have a band you can wrap around your finger, but it is still attached to the cardboard roll. 

Get the band rolled roughly finger thickness and then use some tape to keep it in place. 

Now get a black pen or marker and draw on some silly characters, I focussed on just their faces, because then I could exaggerate their expressions, but you could also draw entire bodies onto them. 

Finally I have added a splash of colour to each one. And don’t hold back, if your child is keen get out the glitter, pipecleaners, collage, googly eyes, and whatever else will add some more silliness to your finger puppets!

I also think it would be cool to make some little clothes by wrapping/ gluing small strips of felt or fabric around the finger loop – this would best be done with a hot glue gun. You could also add different hair cuts by doing fringe cuts with your scissors into the top edge of your  toilet roll – make it short and fine cuts , or long and wide cuts that you can fold and twist into wavy hair.

What a fun upcycling project where you can have fun with the resources you have readily available around you! And a great way to inspire the art of story telling with the invention of a number of quirky characters.

Happy making folks!

Tracy x

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