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Hello Autumn!

Autumn Leaf Mobile

Time to celebrate Autumn in all of its glory! Let’s get the kids outside collecting up those beautiful fallen leaves, and let’s turn them into a hanging mobile. In this fun, simple activity you and your kids can enjoy some time exploring your backyard or local park, re-connecting with our natural environment. A fabulous way to spark a conversation about our local flora and fauna – and (most importantly) get away from those pesky devices!

You won’t need too many supplies for this activity – a pile of interesting leaves of different shapes and sizes, a nice long stick for hanging our leaves, and some wool or string also.

Suitable for kids from 4 yrs and up (you can definitely do with younger kids too with a bit of help)– a great project for little kids to practice their threading and knotting skills, and improve those fine-motor skills.

A fantastic way to explore and learn about nature and the seasons with your mini-maker.

Lets get creative!

You will need…..


Hole punch

A pile of assorted leaves (larger/flatter leaves best)

A long stick – for hanging our leaves

A few pipe cleaners – long and/or short – try and stick to your Autumn colours

A few lengths of wool or string- warm colour tones

Some assorted beads or buttons (for decorating)- warm colour tones

Optional – A coloured pen ( a Posca Pen is great!!)

Step 1. – go on a nature walk – collect yourselves a nice pile of interesting leaves. Hole punch the ends of each one

Step 2 – work with your pipe cleaners and string/wool to tie and twist through each hole.

Step 3 – thread pipe cleaners with beads/buttons to decorate – perhaps talk about pattern and colour when doing this.

Step 4 – attach and tie the lengths of string and pipe cleaners onto the stick – it is nice to have them all hanging at different lengths. Tie and twist securely onto the stick so the string doesn’t slide along.

Step 5 – pen – use a coloured pen or a Posca pen to decorate the leaves with dots/stripes/lines/patterns. You can do all of the leaves on both sides – or maybe just a couple of leaves.

Step 6 – Use a long piece of string to attach at the top of the stick so your mobile can be displayed against a wall.

Step 7 – admire your Autumn Leaf Mobile – hang it on a hook for display!

If you can’t go collecting leaves, then make them out of cardboard. If you have no wool, then just use string. If you don’t have a stick use a coat hanger.

Doesn’t matter – just get creating!!!!

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Happy Autumn!

Tracy 🙂

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