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Junky Puppets – creative colourful creations

I so enjoyed making these quirky colourful puppets with my kids this week – using one of my favourite materials – that I am sure you all have some of at home – box card!! If you don’t have any big brown box card – use a cereal box – doesn’t matter too much – so long as it is thicker and sturdier than paper.

Check out these super creative puppets we made – they could be robots, could be monsters – could be people – whatever your kids decide they are will be is perfect!

You need – 

  • box card
  • paints
  • scissors + glue
  • brushes or sponges
  • pipe cleaners
  • beads or buttons
  • assorted collage bits – whatever you can gather ( magazine bits/ newspaper/ paint swatches/ coloured paper/ milk caps/ jigsaw puzzle pieces)
  • plastic gutter guard ( not essential – but looks cute for the feet)

I cut the card into large rectangles ( for the bodies) and circles or ovals (for the heads) – and the kids painted them they way they wanted. We let them dry (kids did a quit scooter around the block)

They then used pipecleaners to make LEGS and ARMS – threading on some beads and buttons, and adding on some hands and feet ( we used gutter guard for feet, and big buttons for hands)

We then thought about the bodies and faces – I let them cut/ arrange and stick on whatever they wanted. My youngest wanted long hair, so we used strips of corrogated card for that  – so cute!

I then used the scissors to pierce holes in the right spots where everything connects ( arms/ legs/ neck/ head) – and they threaded and twisted their puppets together.

SQUEEL – So cute – LOVE!

Let me know what you think?? Is this a project you would feel confident tackling with your little tikes this weekend? Would love to see your results. Tag RAW Art, so we can see.

Want to see any other types of projects?? Let me know – I am up for the challenge.

In the meantime – happy creating.

Tracy x

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