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Low budget? Need simple creative ideas?

Do you have a limited budget, and not a wide inspiring range of resources at your finger tips? 

We are always trying to think of ideas here at RAW Art HQ that are simple, fun, cost effective projects for parents  and teachers to do with their classroom or mini-tribe.

 A resource that is always under-rated is box card. Yes – thats right – old boxes – chopped up into smaller pieces or shapes. We can’t get enough of it here at RAW Art. We keep all of our boxes, flatten them and store them ready for a new crafty idea.

What is fantastic about using box card is that it is sturdy, versatile, brown (which doesn’t sound exciting – but it means it is a neutral colour perfect for painting) and cheap!! 

So what are some ideas I hear you ask?? 

Here are a few to get you thinking…….

1. Geometric Art – cut up your card into a range of geometric shapes – circles/ ovals/ squares/ rectangles etc of different sizes. Arrange and glue down onto a base ( this could also be made from box card), layer with more shapes – overlapping and layering is fun and looks cool. Now PAINT – use acrylics or watercolours – or simply just colour in with felt tips. Outline/ fill in/ pattern/ doodle – whatever you want.

2. Stamping – use a few pieces of box card cut into small rectangles to do some stamping and printing. Only dip one edge into the paint, and stamp onto newspaper/ card/ fabric. Try using fabric paint and stamp onto some calico – and if you love a bit of sewing then pull out the old machine and whip up a awesome hand stamped and ‘made with love’ cushion cover or a bag.

Stamp random, or make shapes, or patterns. Messy creative fun!

3. Masks – cut the box card into an oval face shape – you might need to cut the eyes out – but once the base is made, you can build up layers, add in features – paint/ stamp/ colour/ embellish however you want – sequins, newspaper collage, or leaves. Kids LOVE masks – and are perfect for some imaginative play. Make an animal mask, or a knight, or a unicorn………..

Go and have a rummage for a few old boxes, chop them up into smaller manageable pieces, and have a think about ways you might be able to get creative with it – and perhaps you might have a bit of paint you could use, or markers and pens.

Just one tip to keep in mind – your pieces will be stronger if you can get your hands on some PVA glue rather than just using a glue stick. have a small tub of it and use a few long cardboard strips to dip and apply the glue – the kids will love the messy sticky process (or have a squeezy bottle handy to avoid the mess).

May you never look at an old box the same again!

Until next time.

Tracy x

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