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Mighty Planes

Mighty Planes

As much as I love making paper planes, I find the activity uses an enormous amount of paper in a very short amount of time, not to mention the fruits of your kid’s labour is abandoned quickly. Well, I have a way to get your kids making some extraordinary planes which will extend them creatively and produce an object they will be chasing after.

To make some very cool planes you will need A4 /A5 paper or card, white is best. Also collect together as many kinds of felt tip markers as you can find, I also grabbed some paint markers, but they are not necessary. Finally, as an added extra I managed to dig up some star stickers which will add a little extra level to the jet planes.

I recommend covering one side completely with your plane patterns, and if you are feeling particularly keen you can cover the other side too. I definitely found having a ruler on hand helps with some of the stripy designs. Your kids will benefit from some basic google research for inspiration.

I found some great pictures of camouflage jet planes which inspired by blue blotchy one. The sky is the limit from here on in, the designing and colouring takes a while so I think the kids will enjoy making two or three at most. Then all you need to do is choose your favourite origami plane design and get folding, ensuring your coloured design is at the top of the plane’s wings. This is a great easy to follow website with a range of simple paper plane designs

Finally I finished mine off with some of those shiny star stickers on the wings – for speed. ZOOOOM!

I love how this project combines a nice mix of art, maths, and science, and can get the kids outside of the classroom too!

Happy flying!

Until next week.

Tracy x

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