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Mum’s Special Box

Mother’s Day Box

Mother’s day falls this Sunday, and if you are looking for an arty handmade gift then this one will surely satisfy. The materials are basic, and should be able to be collected from around the house, but I also think this activity would suit the classroom too.

We’re making a keepsake box for Mum using a shoebox, some paints, glue, scissors and some collage. The more you can personalise it the better, so get the kids to think about things that mum likes, and try to tailor the colours, and collage, to suit.

Starting with some scrap box card, cut out a large label for the box, I wrote MUM, but the kids could cut out Mum’s name, or a favourite word. Glue these letters down onto the lid and give it a firm press. While that is drying, start painting the shoebox, base and lid different colours ideally. This will take 20 minutes or so to dry, so while you wait the kids can work on some collage.

I used a magazine for my collage, there are plenty of bright colours and textures in it. Start by cutting out the interesting sections. Layer them up in a stack so you can cut a few at a time, and cut out your preferred shapes. My mum loves gardening, so I cut out flowers.

For finishing touches, try out some painting and stamping techniques on the lid. I lightly brushed some pink onto MUM, and I also used a scrap of card to do some stamping around the edge. These little flourishes are fun to do with the kids, and they bring a lovely sense of pattern and texture to the gift.

Finally, glue on your collage where you have room, on the lid or sides. I also glued some strips of collage around the edge of the lid like a ribbon. Not bad for a few recycled materials, right?

Mum will love this beautiful and functional gift.

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Lets celebrate our wonderful mums with some crafty hand-made projects. Snip snip!

Until next time.

Tracy x

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