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MYO colouring in !

Unique colouring in pages

Why would you buy colouring in books when you can make your own unique colouring in projects from scratch? This will get your little ones thinking more deeply about their creative projects and give them a chance to develop their sense of composition and design. 

I have created a semi-abstract project using objects from around the house.

All you will need is A4 paper, a fine black tip pen, and some interesting objects to trace.

The tracing part starts in the kitchen, I collected a range of utensils which had fascinating shapes… an ice-cream scoop, a wooden spoon, a vegetable peeler etc. Starting with the largest item first, I arranged these one by one on the page and traced around them with the fine tip marker.

Try to get your child thinking about filling the spaces and gaps, layering the shapes in cool ways, and of course keeping a steady hand. Try not to overcomplicate the space or you will start to lose the ability to recognise your interesting forms… if you have lots of objects to trace, instead use bigger paper, or make two separate drawings. 

My second colouring in sheet I used things from my office desk… tape dispenser, scissors, stapler etc.

Before colouring them in it might be good to consider quickly scanning them into your computer, this way you can print them off again at a later date for more colouring in time, or make them onto a handmade colouring book for your friends!

I used felt tip pens to colour in one of my tracing projects, and for the other I used watercolours. Each give a very different effect, the watercolour in particular allows for more layering of colours. 

What other objects could you use?? Things from the garden, coins, toys, books, or just freeform lines to create your design. 

Happy drawing and tracing – and colouring!!! Share your designs with us – we would love to see your creations!

Tracy x

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