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Pop up Paper cuts

Pop up Paper cuts

What can you do with a piece of card, a pencil and scissors? Something surprisingly cool. This week I will show you some easy paper cut projects for ages 7 and up. All you will need is some card, pencil, scissors, plus some good old-fashioned imagination!

The designs I have created here range is difficulty, so all you need to do is choose a subject which suits (or challenges) your child’s cutting ability. This project is a good one for practicing scissor skills, problem solving, and creating 3D forms.

Start by folding some A4 card in half. A sturdy stock is best to keep it’s structure, but it can’t be too thick or you won’t be able to cut it. Draw your design on the side of the card with the fold, thinking about the symmetry of your piece as you do. You will see from my designs that each have a point at the furthest part of the design that remains uncut, keeping your design attached to the main card. This uncut section will need to be at least a few centimetres. Now carefully cut out your design. 

Unfold your card, and pop out the design, carefully folding the uncut section so that your design stays popped out of the card. For more stability you can also glue an extra piece of different coloured card onto the back piece of card. 

As an extension try collaging or watercolour painting onto your design so that it really stands out from the background. 

Use these as greeting cards, sculptural decorations, or gifts. 

Let us know what you think about this idea in the comments below – perhaps you have some suggestions for projects you would like us to test and sample on our blog. Don’t be shy – we would love to hear from you.

Until next week!

Tracy x

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