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Fruity Friends DIY KIT – Clay Sculpture – NEW


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Fruity Friends – for students aged 9-10 years – 3D Clay Sculpture

Explore the properties of clay, learn about 3D form, while creating some very cool quirky little Fruity Friends. Each student will create two awesome clay sculptures, while exploring 3D shape, form, colour, texture and scale.

Kit includes – clay(6kg), acrylic paint, fishing line, toothpicks, clay mats, cane sticks,
buttons, beads, card.

Concepts – 3D shape /colour/ line/ texture/ scale

You need – paint brushes/ art shirts

Kit Includes:
~ All necessary material (catered to 30 students)
~ An easy-to-follow Raw Art lesson plan
~ A fact sheet to discuss with students
~ An activity sheet
~ And… some awesome extension ideas!

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