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Little Flower Pots DIY KIT – Clay Sculpture – NEW


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Little Flower Pots – for students aged 7-8 years – 3D Clay Sculpture

Explore the properties of clay, learn about 3D form, while also exploring a range of fun mixed media to create a colourful vibrant Flower Pot sculpture. Students will explore colour, pattern, line, texture, scale.

Kit includes – clay(6kg), acrylic paint, fishing line, toothpicks, clay mats, card, wooden sticks, pipe cleaners, buttons.

Concepts – shape /colour/ line/ texture/ scale/ pattern

You need – paint brushes, coloured markers, scissors, glue sticks

Kit Includes:
~ All necessary material (catered to 30 students)
~ An easy-to-follow Raw Art lesson plan
~ A fact sheet to discuss with students
~ An activity sheet
~ And… some awesome extension ideas!

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