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Quirky Packaging Designs – yummy art!

Re-labelling canned food is a fun and easy way to make sculpture, which can later be eaten! They can also make funny gifts.

All you need to do is buy some canned goods. Try to remove the wrapper without ripping it too much, this can be used as a template if handled carefully. Make your own copy in plain white paper, slightly wider so it is easier to wrap around the can, and you have plenty of gluing/taping space.

All you need is A4 paper, scissors, glue, assorted pens and markers + of course a can.

Now get to work designing your own label!

This activity could get your students imagining, what is the food of the future!? Or what kinds of canned foods could we imagine being on other planets? Or maybe it’s not food at all, but a time capsule.

The label can be made from drawings, photos, collage, and computer print-outs. Don’t forget to add a list of ingredients, where it was made, and a use-by date, and don’t forget a bar code!. 

Check out the famous Campbell Soup Can screenprints by Pop Artist Andy Warhol.

Hope this has inspired you to get creative with your kids this week. You don’t need loads of fancy resources to make great art with kids.

Yours in Art

Tracy xx

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