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Recycled Rockets

Recycled rockets!…. LIFTOFF!

What could be better than an art activity that gets kids constructing with recycled materials? We are making an awesome rocket ship in this activity, which is as an added bonus, fun to play with. It uses some pretty basic materials but some careful handiwork so probably best suited for kids aged 7 and up.

You will need to save 3 cardboard toilet rolls, and also get together one piece of A4 white card, some masking tape, and some paints and brushes. 

Start by taping your three toilet paper rolls together to form the rocket’s fuel boosters. Then take your A4 card, roll it into a tube around the toilet rolls (so the short ends meet) and mark/cut off the overlap so the ends of the card just touch.

Fold the card into thirds and press down firmly. On the front face of the folded card draw two diagonal lines starting at the midway point to create a sort of house shape. Cut along these lines ensuring all the three layers of card are being cut at once.

Unfold the white card and then re-wrap it around your rocket boosters, securing the edges together with a piece of tape. Now your job is to secure the white card onto the boosters, and tape the edges of the upper triangles together to form a pyramid. Your basic structure is done! If you want to add extra 3D shapes, now is the time. 

The last part is all painted decoration, I began with a layer of dull greys and maroon to form a base coat. Once that is dry start to build up details, windows, panels, rivets, that kind of thing. I used the timber end of my brush to achieve some circle stamping.

If you are super keen you might like to incorporate some collage, even some aluminium foil, or use bottle caps or bread tags to create details. And don’t forget you can add some fiery collage such as red tissue paper or celephane into the boosters if you want it to look like it is taking off.

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Let us know what you think in the comments below – and please share with  us some of your arty projects – we would love to see your masterpieces!

Until next time,

Tracy x

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