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Simple Christmas Star Bunting

Simple Christmas Star Bunting

This Christmas decoration is such a winner, you won’t want to be taking it down on Boxing Day. This bunting-style activity is super simple, using just some painted paper, scissors, glue, pencil, and some string. It works as an alternative to tinsel on the tree, or looks great hung up in the window.

Start with some painted paper, if you have a little one you probably have stacks of drawings and paintings lying around that could be cut up and used for this. If not, just get your kids busy with some bright drawings and painting to fill the paper up. On the back of this dry paper, using a cookie cutter such as my star shape, or just a handmade stencil, trace as many shapes as possible. I think you will need at least 20 to make a good bunting, but the more the better.

Now get the whole family together with a pair of scissors each, make a pot of tea and get cutting those stars out. This will take some time, but it is the perfect excuse to utilise any idle hands, and so everyone feels some ownership over the final piece. Alternatively you can always fold or double the paper to half your cutting time.

Once the stars are cut apply plenty of glue to the backs and sandwich them either side of the string. Give each a good press so the string is firmly mashed in there with the glue. I recommend about 5-10cm between each star. Leave to dry for a good half hour or more before stringing up.

To extend on this you can vary the shapes, an angel, Christmas tree, and gingerbread person. Or perhaps do some beading between the shapes? Or why not add some glitter details and make the piece shine?

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