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Spooky Spiders

Spooky Spiders

Halloween is lurking just around the corner! Here is a super spooky and fun project to try at home –

create a crafty spider from an old box, and decorate with some Halloween colours. Make it big, or

make it small, just remember to make it creepy!

You need….

 Some box card

 Scissors

 Glue stick and/ or PVA glue

 Paints – purple/green/orange/black

 Buttons for eyes

 Red pen – for blood

1. Cut your box card into the 3 x body parts – abdomen needs to be the largest shape, a small

thorax, and a medium size head.

2. Glue these shapes together

3. Cut out your legs – you will need 24 thin rectangular pieces – each leg will need 3 x pieces.

4. Arrange and glue these to the belly of your spider.

5. Once glue is dry, paint however you would like. If you are going to hang your spider from the ceiling paint both sides of your spider.

6. Now create your spiders face – perhaps make some fangs from your card scraps, and use the buttons for the eyes.

7. Use a red pen to create blood on your spiders fangs.

8. Voila! Hang, and admire your creepy spider.

Another awesome project to do this weekend to get your selves Halloween ready!

CAtch you next week.

Tracy x

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