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Sticky Stick Friends

Stick friends

Do you have a child who is constantly bringing home sticks, leaves, and other bits and pieces? I do. Or maybe you are the collector? Either way, this activity requires some time outdoors scanning the ground for interesting sticks, leaves, seed pods or fibres. Of course, don’t be going out and snatching things directly from trees, they might still need them. You and the kids will value this time outside, and I believe the kids will also value the precious materials they have collected for their project.

Sticks are important for this project, the wonkier the better, and try choosing some with forks in them as they make great arms or legs. Otherwise just see what you can find locally and try get your hands on some good seeds or nuts for eyes.

You will need PVA and an old brush or paddle pop stick to apply the glue onto your materials where the joins should be. Plan them out first with the kids, talking about the how the shapes and textures lend themselves to different features on your stick friends. You might need to support some parts while the glue dries, so be prepared with some extra sticks as chocks.  (Alternatively you could also use a glue gun – obviously an adult job!! Does make process much faster, with quicker drying times, and stronger bonding)

Once you are set on an arrangement glue the bits on with plenty of PVA, ensuring you do this part of the activity in a spot where they can be left for at least half a day to really dry properly. I recommend 6+ hours or overnight before playing with them or decorating your creations. 

Decorating can be done in so many ways. Collage some clothing, paint onto the surfaces, or wind wool around them. I chose to apply some bright simple pattern with paint/Posca pens.

It might be fun to repeat this project again in 6 months to see what new materials are lying around your backyard?

What else can you do with sticks?? We would love to know if you have some ideas working with found nature shapes.

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Have fun exploring and getting creative with nature.

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