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Triple Mothers Day crafty love

We have THREE super cute crafty and creative Mothers Day projects up our sleeve. And, as always, they are low budget, and created from resources you will probably have around your home. Grab your tribe, and lets start creating!

Project 1 – Feather Wall Design

This is colourful, quirky and super fun. You can replace the feathers with a collection of leaves, or you could even make your feathers from card.

You need – some box card, some coloured card or paper ( to make a flower)  a collection of feathers (about 15)  (or leaves will work also – a good excuse to go on a found object walk), some string, scissors, and PVA glue. Some beads or buttons would be great too!

How to – 

  •  cut a curved strip of box card (about 20 cm long, and 5 cm wide) – if you would like to paint it, or colour it in with textas, or even collage it with some cut outs from newspaper or mags. With your cardboard strip curved downwards ( like a smile) use your scissors to poke a couple of holes at the top (about 5 cm in from each end (or use a hole punch). 
  • Gather your feathers – you will need about 15. Lay out your base cardboard (like a smile) the right way facing up  – generously squeeze out a line of PVA glue along the bottom edge. Position all of your feathers (the pointy base of your feather) along the line of glue – start with your biggest feather in the middle, and then work outwards from the middle, positioning your feathers closely together. Drizzle a little more glue across the top when finished. Allow to dry. You may need to just keep giving them a little press down as they dry – a bit of a sticky messy job!
  • Make a flower to stick on your wallhanging – or make a bunch. Cut these out of paper/ card/ layer them/ fringe them – however you want. Glue them together, and onto your wallhanging. (just don’t cover your holes!)
  • Use your string to thread through your holes and create your hanger – thread on some beads or buttons also if you wish. We made our string extra long, so we could hang extra beads on the sides.

Project 2 – Felt Wallhanging

What are your mums favourite colours? Incorporate them into this lovely simple project.

You need – a strip of Box card, some felt (or fabric or card will also work), PVA glue, scissors and string. Some buttons or sequins.

How to – 

  • Start by cutting up or box card – you will need a piece about 20cm x 7cm. Pierce with a couple of small holes in the top corners.
  • Get your strips of felt ( or fabric or card) ready – choose a few colours, cut into a range of rectangle strip so of different lengths and widths. We used 3 big,  6 medium, and 8 x small. Use your scissors to cut the end or each rectangle into a curve.
  • Squirt some PVA glue along the bottom edge of your cardboard strip, ang glue on your first few longer/ bigger strips, and then repeat, layering the strips, drizzling with more glue as you go. You may end up with about 3 or 4 layers. Mix up your colours as you go.
  • Allow to dry. And then attach on your string.
  • you can also do a drizzle of glue across the top of your wallhanging and glue on a row of colourful beads. Viola!

Project 3 – Collage Heart

Personalise your heart however you want – photos, letters, words, colours……..the sky’s the limit!

You need – Box card, some paints, brush, assorted collage media (paper/ newspaper/ magazine/ felt/ card/ fabric, buttons/ sequins etc) glue stick, scissors, markers, string and tape.

How to – 

  • Cut out a nice big heart out of box card, and paint it – fill it all in with a few colours, and allow to dry.
  • Get busy cutting out a range of different shapes, colours, big, small – try and cut out/ create about 20 different things.
  • Arrange first, and then glue! Fill in all of your remaining gaps with small shapes or things ( like buttons or sequins)
  • Once happy with your heart, you can stick a piece of string onto the back as a little handle, and a few pieces of string or wool (a piece of ribbon would also look lovely) to hang from the bottom.

Three simple, fun, resourceful, creative projects for your mini-makers to test out this week. Mothers Day hand made loveliness!

Would LOVE to see your results. Be sure to tag us in any of your creations.

And let us know what you think of these ideas? We want to keep you inspired and feeling confident to create with your tribe.

Happy creating.

Tracy x

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