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Turning Trash into Mothers Day Treasures!

Over the next week we will have a few projects that are perfect for Mothers Day – our mums love a bit of handmade craftiness – especially when made with a dash of love.

All mums love flowers – right?? But maybe that just isn’t possible at the moment – can’t get to the shops, don’t have enough money, or mum has an allergy. Well this idea is super cheap (will cost next to nothing) and is just as lovely as a bunch of flowers (in fact – much nicer coz it will be hand-made).

All you will need is scissors, glue + a few bits of paper and card. Even just a cereal carton, or old museli bar box – what ever you can get your hands on. Newspaper/ magazine will be perfect also. Perhaps think of what some of your Mums favourite colours are too!

Get busy cutting! Cut out one large flower shape first – I like to use just a simple arched shape (like a tulip) – and then repeat with some different colours/ card/ paper – going a little smaller each time. You will need about 2 or 3  layers for each flower. 

You can now ‘scallop’ along the top of each shape like petals, or just make fringed cuts. Now just layer and glue together.

You can add in some pollen strips poking out from the top of the flower (glue these from behind), maybe a stalk and leaves also.

Make a variety of flowers and glue down into one finished collage artwork.

You could use cut strips of card for the stalks, or maybe a pipecleaner (you will need to glue these with some PVA, or a few spots from a hot glue gun).

I LOVE this idea – really fun to do, easy, and SO CHEAP – most of this stuff you will already have lying around your house/ recycle bin.

So what are you waiting for – go gather, cut , and create!

We would love to see your flower designs too. Be sure to share with us, and tag us into your Mothers Day creations.

Happy creating,

Tracy x

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