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Woolly Worms

Woolly Worms

This week we have a very fun, colourful TEXTILES based idea. This project is a great way to explore colour, pattern, 3D form – and texture – exploring the way things feel. Kids do not get enough of these kinds of experiences – lets work on those fine motor skills by getting tactile!

If you have some time in the coming weeks, or perhaps bookmark this idea for spring time when you have some silk worms in your classroom – perhaps try creating these cool little fuzzy friends? Perhaps you have some wool lying about from an abandoned knitting project, or a stash in reserve in the stock room that is taking up room and you would like to use up? This activity is very simple, and uses just 3 things; scissors, wool, and pipecleaners. Perhaps you could even substitute the wool for strips of fabric? 

I am making some woolly worms, but they can also be centipedes, millipedes, or Very Hungry Caterpillars!

First, cut a small length of wool off your roll, about 30cm. Then take your wool and wrap it around something, not too tightly, the larger your wrap the longer your worm will end up. I used a book for mine. Once you have wrapped around 50 times or so you will have a substantial bunch of wool, wiggle it off your object and carefully tie your extra length through the centre of the loop and knot it. This just helps keep it all together so you can work with it easier.

Now get your pipecleaners and cut a few in half, it is up to you how many ‘segments’ you make. Wrap the first as a neck, twist it a few times tightly underneath, and then use the rest of the pipecleaner to make some legs/feet. Keep going with this technique the length of the body. 

One final half pipecleaner can be used to make some eyes. Just thread it through the head and curve the ends onto some circles.

Play around with colour combinations, and with how much wool you use (the more wrapping the more hungry the caterpillar). Now that you know this very simple sculpture technique perhaps you can think of some other woolly creatures to make?

These little guys are SO darn cute – and I love how bold the colours look. You could really go to town with creating some wild rainbow coloured worms. You could incorporate some flouro coloured pipecleaners, or stick to natural colours, and earthy tones of wool too. SO FUN!!!!! Imagine them hanging from your ceiling in a classroom display, or pinned to the wall ?! Squeal!

Let us know what you think. Are you up for making some worms with your class??

Happy creating!

Tracy x

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