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Autumn Owl Mobile

Inspired by the macrame owls that were so popular in the 70’s, these mixed media
owls provide an excellent opportunity to explore and engage with texture and themed

We will be relying on whatever you may have lying around the house, so materials
for this project can be variable. Go treasure hunting! What wonderful textured items
can be repurposed here? What colours remind us of Autumn?

My little owls have been made using box card, tissue paper, packing paper, felt,
corrugated card, a drinking straw, twine or string, and a stick. You will also need a
pair of scissors, some glue, and a hole punch.

Use the box card for a base for the owl bodies. I simply cut out two rectangles and
rounded the top corners of each to create the heads.

Next, think about how to best layer the textured materials you have collected. I
started with a tissue paper layer , with packing paper on top, followed by corrugated
card, felt and straw pieces. If working with a little friend, encourage them to
physically place pieces on top of each other to problem solve what will work best
when layering. Will the pieces stay securely attached when they are glued? Do the
colours work together? Do the layers create a nice contrast of textures?

Once the important decisions are made it’s time to cut the shapes! Keep it simple
here- ovals, circles, long triangles for wings. Some children find it easier to draw the
shape on first and then cut it out. Be ready to help cut any fabric pieces as
necessary. I used some scraps to cut smaller shapes that could be threaded onto the
twine later on.

Now let’s get gluing! I used glue stick to attach the tissue paper, then craft glue for all
other pieces. Once all pieces are attached put your little owls aside to dry for a few

Hole punch your owls and tie some twine or string to the top and bottom of your
bigger owl. Attach the small owl underneath the big owl, tying securely.

If you have made extra shapes, thread them onto the twine at the top before tying a
small stick to the end of the twine for a little handle.

Hang and enjoy!

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